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2017 Get Ready for Missions!

May 2017

Youth Yard Sale to Benefit Youth Mission Trip to Deep Impact, Fort Caswell!  We raised $900!!!!  Thank you all for your donations and coming out to shop!

March, 2017!!!

Next Outing will be April 2nd after church 1-3:45 Wilmington Ice House.

Abby Nature Trail March 16th. It will be cold but we will still go hiking anyway so bring jacket, gloves, etc.

Deep Impact Permission Slips are due March 5th!!!


February, Jesus will you be my Valentine?

Youth Mission forms are in the forms and downloads section to your left!

Youth mission project assignments need to be turned in to Ms. Kele for all you plan on attending Deep Impact Youth Missions Week.


January 2017

Happy New Year!!!! 

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December 2016…


FREE PASS to Surf City Parks and Rec Building Club, to get this free pass you need to stop by the front desk at Surf City Community Center and sign in using the code CBTB!


Lock in BABY!!!!! Sat Dec 31st pick up will start at 8pm.  bring/wear PJs and fluffly socks, oh and don’t forget your stuffed animal!  In order to participate you must attend the 10:30am church service the following day.  Good Luck!



Crazy Fun on the youth shopping trip and nobody got kicked out of anywhere!


Sunday Dec 11th after church we will be going on our youth shopping trip.  Walmart, Mall, Walmart. Must go to church service to attend outing.


Happy Birthday Jesus!!!


Connor what are you looking at?









Thursday Dec 22, Youth Party!   Bring your regifted gifts!  Remember one is for your secret santa present and one is for Chinese Christmas.  Please bring a food item to share with the group.  


Super Busy as we get ready for the Christmas Season,



Hey everybody!  We are having post evening service workouts on Sunday nights till 8:30 let us know if you’d like to join in.


spray-bottle after-evening-service

get-your-work-out-on he-slipped

Outing this month is the beach! Sunday after church. Dates and Times TBA.


Paddle Board Outing!  Camille did not die and we got Gracie’s paddle back.  Sorry Connor I should have held the board better for you!  Thanks to Cass, Yaya, and Makayla for coming to the rescue!

sep-out-3 sep-out-4 sep-out-5 sep-out-6 sep-out-7 sep-out-8sept-out-1sept-out-2sep-out-9sep-out-10


kele-phone-pics-summer-2016-8783 in-the-car we-killed-makayla bus-crazy

why is August ALWAYS SO RANDOM????

Thanks to all the volunteers this summer with Surf City Parks and Recreation! You all made a big difference in the lives of others this summer!


Outing: Movie! TBA


GIANT THANK YOU! To Pastor Nathan for listening to all of the noise and craziness at Deep Impact this week.  An even LARGER GIANT THANK YOU!!! To Rachel for allowing us to borrow Pastor Nathan for the week!

Camp July 2016 7015

So PROUD of all of the youth this week at Deep Impact Mission Camp!  You all worked very hard on your missions this week, but more than that I’m proud of the decisions for Christ you made this week.  Remember in order to follow through with the spiritual changes you made in your life this week you need to change things at home.


Camp July 2016 7012 Camp July 2016 7013 Camp July 2016 7011


Congratulations to CBTB Volleyball team for an undefeated regular season and second place at the SCP&R Teen Volleyball Tournament!  Christian team work!

Look on Chapel by the Bay Facebook Page for your camp item list.


Youth Mission Trip Forms are due, please send in to Ms. Kele ASAP!  Money is due on May 30th.  This month we will be looking at the ministry of Jesus including his miracles and parables.  PLEASE remember to bring your bible this month ladies and gentlemen.

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Outing this month is yet to be determined…stay tuned.


Youth outing will be to the beach for some volleyball time!

Get ready for Youth Take Over Sunday!  Senior Taylor Horrell is doing her senior project on the positive effects of youth group on youth and she is finishing off her project with directing our up coming Youth Sunday on April 19th.

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So Proud of these crazy teens for coming out into the community and working for the Lord while they help their neighbors! There is no better way to share the Love of God than physically working while spiritually working.  We had a great opportunity to share God’s love while showing others that Chapel by the Bay cares about our town.

Surf City Parks & Rec thanks CBTB Youth for helping spread mulch around the new Bark Park.


What a crazy month!  Be on the look out for Mission Trip forms!

5612680_1 5612680_2WANT A SHIRT?

Donate $20 to the CBTB Youth and email youth.director@chapelbythebay.com



Happy Feb Everybody!  We are taking it easy this month. Hanging out, read our Bibles, and playing some tag.  No outings this month, but don’t worry we will still have fun in the Lord!

snookydoes anyone know why this man is showing off his socks?20160204_184426_resizedweirdos…someone stole Ms. Kele’s phone!

2016-02-07 16.17.51_resizedWelcome to the crazies Ms. Regina!



January! Oh My! Can’t Believe It!  DEEP IMPACT is around the corner!

Please let Ms. Kele know if you plan on attending Deep Impact Missions Week at Fort Caswell on Oak Island this summer!


Here is your I Am Second Video for the week!




You Killed Her…


What’d you say??


shhhh  we’re hunting wabbits


The strangest thing isn’t that I have a beard, it’s that I only have one shoe


Christopher “the answer is sun, moon, and stars” Connor “what you talkin’ about willis?


what i said was…

December Outings

Youth Christmas Party!   Who will get the Bucket of Gum this year?…

Christmas Tree Decorating Contest!


 girls in the lead, boys playing catch up, notice the hand in the way, Oh it’s beautiful!

This month has us going on our annual shopping trip to Walmart and Independence Mall, this is your time to shop (with your own money) and find that perfect thing that your mother wants for Christmas without having her peep over your shoulder as you bring it to the sales counter…or you can by her another candle.  Supper will be provided by the church.


Come join the Youth and Child of Chapel by the Bay as we get together with the adult choir and sing about a down home Christmas.

November Outings


defy gravity

November Outings will include going to Defy Gravity in Wilmington.  Parents please go to https://defygravitywilmington.pfestore.com/waiver/ to sign the electronic Liability Waiver and then print it out.  Your child cannot go without this waiver.

October Outings


Sunday October 4th’s Life Chain has been rescheduled for Sunday November 1st from 2:30-3:30 at the corner of College and Oleander in front of Vision Works.


Life Chain is a silent prayer visual in Wilmington to pray for the end of abortion.  This is NOT a protest, Not political, or confrontational.  The youth group will be going after church to participate and pray for victims of abortion.  We will stay on the sidewalk for an hour and then will stop and have supper.


lifechain pic

September Outings

Wilmington Ice House20150919_154031_resized

September’s Outing,  to The Wilmington Ice House was hilarious!  Have you ever seen an adult using a child’s ice walker? Or witnessed anyone seeing how many times they can fall?  I am so proud of everyone who went out on the ice and attempted to make it around the rink! Great job everybody!

August Outings

Youth Group Paddle Boarding Outing

Had a great time Stand Up Paddle Boarding with the girls in Youth, and only one person fell in the water!  Thanks to Onshore Surf Shop for the awesome boards!

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