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Women of the Word (W.O.W.)

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WOW is a group of ladies dedicated to setting an example of the Word in Activities & Services. To help those wihin the fellowship with needs and to be a support to the functioning of Chapel by the Bay. They form the basis for the church Prayer Chain & are extending into a Women’s Bible Study.

–Oh Yea, they have a lot of fun also!!

The food pantry is a program sponsored by the WOW women of the church and is used for those who are in need of supplies and food. The way our pantry is stocked is through our congregation donations. Each 2 nd Sunday of every month, there is a bucket placed in the front of the foyer area for those who would like to contribute to the pantry to bring nonperishable items and household products. A member of the WOW team will collect these items, date them, and put them in the pantry. If you know of someone in need, please send them our way. We love giving back to our community.

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Chapel by the Bay
PO Box 2946
Surf City, NC 28445

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